Screen protector for the Librem 5

I received an e-mail from Celicious on 02/02/21 confirming that their robust line of screen protectors and privacy screens for the Librem 5 are sized for the Aspen/Birch/Chestnut/Dogwood batches with the 150mm long case, so that they will be usable but slightly short for use on the 153mm long Evergreen case.

Everyone who is interested, please ask Celicious to offer products for the Evegreen with the I put in my pitch to them.


Celicious Customer Service reported to me on 02/08/22 that their screen products are made by ViaScreens who will be making Librem 5 products for the 153mm case available on their website in the next few days.

I tried going to ViaScreen’s website, but my Firefox browser returned a security warning about an invalid certificate and I choose not to make and exception.

Waiting to hear from Celicious when they expect to have the longer Librem 5 products available.


Update: Celicious Customer Service reported to me on 02/10/21:

–ViaScreen site SSL error issue is resolved. So, I’m happy to now share the link to their Librem 5 screen protectors (nine products), currently sized for Aspen/Birch/Chestnut/Dogwood:

–ViaScreen will have their Librem 5 Evergreen products available “within the next couple of weeks”. After that, they will become available at Celicious as well.


@BrentMpls, I added your info to the community FAQ and Tested Accessories pages

I checked on 02/24/21 and ViaScreens is now offering 9 screen products for “Librem 5 Evergreen” with the 153mm case. They are also still offering 9 screen products for “Librem 5” with the 150mm case for Aspen/Birch/Chestnut/Dogwood.

In addition, they have many screen products for other Purism devices.


A protective case will also be a must have for me :rofl:
Too many accidental drops in my history…

I’ve seen suggestions of 3D printing…

For residents in the U.S… expect something in the neighborhood of $7.25 for 5-8 day shipping via DHL (or $21.68 for 2-3 days).

Noted on 03/11/21 that newegg is now offering four Celicious screen protector products for the Librem 5 Evergreen: invisible, anti-shock, anti-glare, and mild anti-glare.

Curiously, Celicious L5 Evergreen products do not yet appear on the Celicious site itself, just their nine existing products for the Aspen/Birch/Chesnut/Dogwood with the 150mm case.


Mine fits fine, but I don’t undestand the warning along the bottom, right to left in reverse:

Objects on screen are closer than they appear.

Do I have it on backwards?

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Ive opted to go with the Simple Liquid Glass

I have already emailed their support department requesting the L5 to be added to their coverage list.

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I have always liked the ArmorSuit screen protectors, so I sent the company a custom size to make. They said they could make it, but were worried about the install process. It is a wet install and they said they couldn’t find an IP rating for the Librem 5. Anyone do a wet install protector yet, or thoughts on the real risks to the device?


What is a “wet install”?

the screen protector needs either be wet or the devices screen needs to be wet

I never did a wet installation of some screen protector. I installed once upon a time one on my Openmoko Freerunner many years ago, but this was sticking by its own.

How do you remove and replace that protector after it has gotten some scratches?

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It’s just a mist from a mini spray bottle, which helps it stick and get rid of bubbles when it dries, but it moistens the screen pretty well. I suppose not too much more than it gets wet in your pocket if you’re really sweaty outside. When you need to replace it, it just peels off like a normal screen. It’s not a permanent glue or anything.


Does anyone know the dimensions of the L5 screen? I’ve contacted Copter (a Swedish company that makes protective screens) and they would add L5 to their models if they only could get the dimensions. Since it’s open source I’ve looked through the repos under Librem5 and in particular but not found anything. Does anyone have a link or info?


Had to get my caliper…
Width between screen rounding edges, inner [as in before edge roundings start]: 67.6mm, outer [as in after/with edge roundings]: 69,8mm
Length between screen rounding edges, inner: 145.4mm, outer: 147.6mm
The cut for the speaker on top should be 5 to 6mm from the top (outer measurement) and 11 to 12 mm wide. I prefer to have front camera protected, but add 14,5mm to camera side if you want that and 5mm more if you want to leave the sensor unprotected - those measurement can be used as bottom and side position for 3mm circles and a 2mm sliver in stead of a one notch.
Height of that little rounding is difficult to measure, fractions of mm, but it seems to be enough that my protector doesn’t quite glue to the outermost edge.
Beyond the screen edge, a fraction below the screen surface is an additional 1.4mm border/edge before beveling of the case (and then the case width and height).
Corners are about 5 to 5.5mm radius (depending on where they are placed, how wide the protector - difficult to be exact).

For what it’s worth, protector for Vivo Y81 seems perfect width but a few mm to long. Circular corners are perfect (even though the other end needs to be cut to length).


Based on your input @JR-Fi and if we are talking (up to my preference for Librem 5) about Exoglass™ Flat and Exoglass™ Flat Privacy protectors opening should be at least 2.2 mm in height and if Copter AB decides to provide opening from above edge down at 1.8 mm, instead of 2.0 mm distance, than height of “listening” opening might be even greater than 2.2 mm (1.8 above distance/2.4 mm would be my preference). This opening length (wide) would be at least 12.0 mm (28+12+28), as already recommended from your side.

@Jonas, if helps, here are my unofficial outer sides max. dimensions (measurements) for the tempered 3D/6D glass protection: 146.0×68.0 mm (147.6−1.6 × 69.8−1.8). Related link: Also, four rounded corners are the same as the ones used on the LG K40, I’m quite sure. And even 146.2 mm height might be all right with/if the 3D rounded edges (needs to be proofed) implemented.