Phone survey results and product design scope

Survey is closed, any info about it and about the manufacturer?

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It’s too soon to know about the manufacturing side right now as the priority is to honour the current laptop orders and to try to make the Librem 11 happen.

For the survey results, the issue is to extract the data (I’m running into a server-side problem that I need to solve with the sysadmins) and to find time to analyze the data and thousands of comments we received…

I ve read the librem 11 production is delayed on march 17 this is mean you will start doing something about phone after this data or something else?
Thanks for the replies

The ETA for the Librem 11 is a rough estimate, it still depends on getting enough preorders OR us finding alternate ways of financing it. I put that month (March 2017) because we’d like to place an order for all models at the same time (hopefully) but we’ll probably have a clearer idea about this in January.

The phone will not begin prototyping+preorders+production until all the other orders (the laptop line) are processed, it would be too early and risky.

Any news about the phone (survey) or the Librem 11 production?

Nope, the situation remains the same as what I said in my previous posts in this thread.

Any update on the phone? Could love to order a GNU/Linux phone!

We will publish new information as soon as there is something to publish. So subscribe to our news blog ( and have a little patience. :slight_smile:

as you retwitted

i remember in some post on this forum someone of purism crew told me he dont know if the “libremphone” will have a cellular mode (normal calling, sms and mobile data) and this news is a reason for work to have it, because i feel really useless have little tablet with no normal phone and mobile data enabled, if we should also carry an android/ios/winphone they are little spy, so if there is still some doubt, i’d like to suggest you to make a real alternative to them making a real smartphone, not just a little tablet

Now that Canonical announced that they will no longer invest in their phone platform, I really hope the purism phone will come out before my 3 year old Aquaris breaks down.

any news about the phone project?

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When we have news, we will announce them on our news blog. :slight_smile: It’s suffice to say for now that we are actively working on the phone.

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