Phones coming tomorrow; final shipping emails via u/kop316 & u/Azdle (Pictures in thread)

tech might have a bright future ahead


from u/kop316 on reddit


Happy to see this finally happening! I can’t wait to see some field tests, and first impressions from people that have received their phone. I mean, people outside Purism.
I am still following this project with interest, it’s important for everyone to have an alternative like this.


This is awesome. From the reddit post (in the comments), it sounds like the software is at the alpha stage, but it will only improve from here. And as more and more of the community get our hands on these devices, we should be able to help out with the software as well.

Gnu/Linux phones are becoming a reality :slight_smile:


I just got mine a short while ago too! I’ve posted some basic unboxing photos here:

And now it’s time to play with it. :smiley:


Thanks for the nice photos and the friendly license! I’ll put some in my next video.


Hi all! Here is a video of me opening the Librem 5 and turning it on.

I hope to have time eventually to film some software running. (I cut the rest of the video where I go through setup and open a web browser because the bright screen washed out of the video.)

I measure the phone at about 15cm tall, 7.5cm wide, and about 1.6cm thick (about 1.3cm thick at the side of the phone, plus a bevel angled toward the back of the phone). I can’t weigh it unfortunately.


That reminds me so much of the Openmoko phones. I can’t remember exactly where I saw it, but I distinctly remember them having trouble getting sound to/from the modem as well.

I wonder if that’s an inherent curse of this kind of project.


if it is possible to connect them in PA - should’n be a big deal to make a script with pactl shuffling around the modules and inputs/outputs to manually reroute it during the call. I mean not for purism (as they are working on automatic routing) but for someone like me as a quick and dirty workaround. alas when mine would arrive that most certainly will be fixed.
edit: and if the call connection generates dbus event the script could even be hooked up to dbus activation

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Aye, if the hardware and driver are working, making it work in userspace should be trivial (hopefully, I detest pulseaudio, so I’ll be writing some udev scripts for exactly that).

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I’m so excited to actually see these phones in users hands, it’s amazing.