Phones coming tomorrow; final shipping emails via u/kop316 & u/Azdle (Pictures in thread)

Reddit user kop316 posted at 21:45 UTC on Nov. 26 that they have received an email saying they should get their Librem 5 tomorrow:

As the title says, I got the email telling me that my Librem 5 is shipping today! According to the email, I should get it tomorrow.

The email also came with a picture of my phone. Right now I hesitate to actually post that picture, as it shows the serial number and IMEI of the device.

Per the previous post, I said I would do am AMA when I get it, but I also said I work a full time job. I say that to say that when I get the phone in hand, I can make a new thread, but don’t really expect me to be quick to responding.

Link (u/kop316):

Link (u/Azdle, posted 23:24 on the 26th):

And at 0:10 UTC on the 27th, we have pics (these are from u/kop316 - u/Azdle also posted one - original Imgur album):


It may help to know what country this user is in - and what batch this user is in.

USA, from MrChromebox in the comments, and Birch, from the Reddit post’s title.


And we have another shipping notification from u/Azdle in the comments of that post. Today was a good day.


Correct USA only - but hey I’m happy that anyone is getting a phone.


We’ll finally get some independent reviews coming in… so looking forward to this :smiley:


So happy for everyone getting birch and so thankful this is happening :smiley:


What aspect/s of the phones do you all think should be highest priority for independent testing?

I think testing the cellular modem would be really helpful (for North America. Birch batch isn’t being delivered abroad afaik) because I’m still not clear on what carriers will support the phone when I get it.

I’d also like to see how the phone works with home servers and networks. Can a parent set up their Network to block internet access to the children at bedtime while they’re on a business trip? Can I remove access to my roommate who doesn’t pay his share of the internet bill while I’m at work?

Simply making a phonecall and talking to someone on the other side. Does it work at all, and if so, how is the sound quality? Librem 5 calling other phone, other phone calling Librem 5. And of course, Librem 5 calling Librem 5. :smiley:

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These network questions sound like router settings which are accessed via web browser, so I would say yes.

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From @Kop316 on reddit:

“Update: The phone is ready for me to pick up (Signature is required and FedEx always trys to deliver when I’m at work, so I placed a pick up request). When I am off work I will get it.”

He says he’s on vacation soon but will update when he can and compare it to the PinePhone Braveheart when that arrives.

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Wow the phone looks amazing - easy accessible modems and changeable battery.

Can’t wait to see more videos / fotos and unpacking videos :slight_smile:


And then sending and receiving an SMS. These are the basics expected of a phone.

Then connecting to the customer’s wireless access point.

Then web surfing.

That might be harder to arrange given the current L5 density in the world - unless two friends / associates / colleagues, both based in the US, happen each to have one.

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SMS will work w/ Chatty, Calls will work to make/receive calls but whether audio works will depend on when Birch folks try it–there’s an audio routing issue that we discuss in this post and that we are hoping to have fixed via a software update in a few days:


Be prepared for a tsunami of negativity from the haters then.


I doubt much would change that regardless. All we can do is continue to work on issues and continue to report on our progress. I think the Breaking Ground post does a good job of describing just how difficult a task this is:


Indeed, both last news posts do a good job at reporting progress and hilighting the difficulties the project faces. Out of curiosity, is there an issue report for the audio issue to follow?

You don’t have to convince me. :slight_smile:

It would be good if blog posts were duplicated in this forum as some of us only read the forum.

Edit: For clarity, I mean content of blog post duplicated in forum. I understand that noone has time to automate that right now.

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Something I saw recommended a while ago was to get an RSS reader and have it check Purism’s blog feed:

I used to check the blog constantly, but having an app do it for me is much better!


huge thanks, I didn’t even check (silly me) they have an rss.