Phosh 0.25.0 is out fixes resume from suspend

The excellent @guido.gunther (Guido Günther) announced on Mastodon that Phosh 0.25.0 is out. Among the change logs are that a race condition causing an infinite lock screen to be displayed on resuming from suspend has been corrected. (specifically Phosh 0.25.1)

This issue has been the ONLY issue I have faced when resuming from suspend. If this really fixes that, then we should have super rock solid suspend functionality. This is no small thing.

I can’t tell yet, because apparently there is a delay of when he announces things and when they are available in Byzantine, but as soon as I can get it, I will keep an eye out for this issue.

If this really fixes that that I would really like to ask Purism to move suspend to the list of options one gets from the power button in the pull down status window.

Right now to activate it, you need to use Phosh settings under the Librem 5 option or wait for the auto suspend timeout to occur.


From what i gleaned minimum merge delay is 5days + any delays due to missing testing days + delays due to dependency issues days + any other blocking delay days

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Well at least we have hit the window where it should be getting into byzantine repos.


It hasn’t even been uploaded yet and phoc needs to go first anyway. Patience;)


I have just tagged phoc and phosh versions 0.25.2 to be uploaded into the archive, so once those are processed and built by PureOS servers the transition period before they migrate from landing to byzantium will begin :slight_smile: