Phosh and squeekboard in "Convergence mode"

I received my UPerfect lapdock some time ago and although it works pretty well (especially happy about the touch screen) there’s still a few friction points.

  1. In Linux desktop environments (KDE, Gnome) we can easily move and resize windows with the Alt key: press the key, left-click anywhere in the window and drag to move the window, or right-click anywhere in the window and drag to resize it.
    Is there something similar in Phosh when an external screen is plugged in? I think I was able to get it working with the “super” key but now it just opens and closes the app drawer when I press it. I can’t even move the mouse when the Super key is pressed.

  2. Is it possible to put the on-screen keyboard on the external screen? I can turn the screen all the way back to have a “tablet mode”. However, even when I select the lapdock screen as primary screen in the display settings, the keyboard stays on the phone which isn’t really practical.

Ok partial answer for the second point, if I disable the phone screen in the display settings then the OSK will jump to the external screen. I can then re-enable the phone screen and the OSK stays on the external screen…

It looks a bit silly because the keyboard is tiny but anyway at least I can type. I wonder if there’s a way to change the keyboard when switching screen…

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