Phosh needs YOU!


I’m doing the French translation for phosh at this URL :

And for many days (weeks?) I have seen no changes in many languages !

If you get bored because of the coronavirus and are capable of translating in any other language, take a look ! it’s easy and fast to do ! And it helps the Librem 5 !


This is a good thing to remind people.

The delay at this moment might be because there is a change in the works, where translations should stop at Zanata and move to a new server, as posted in the tracking thread. The problem is, that there is small chance that some of the latest translations may get lost with the move (the gap between moving files and notification to change). I’ve stopped updating until I hear back from @david.boddie. This may not be a top priory for a week or two, as there is probably much to do with the upcoming Dogwood. Luckily, the translations can be updated later and there seems to be a month or two to spend on them…

In the meanwhile, anyone can work on the keyboard layout translations - normal and wide. Also: other apps (not in Zanata) need translations…

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The translations on Zanata are out of date, I think. Certainly there were complaints about translations being lost when there was downtime on last year. There is a discussion about what the next step should be in this issue: zanatas future?


Damn, ok, so correct me if I understand it wrong :

For the moment, we can’t help with the translations until a replacement solution for Zanata is put into production
So we need to keep an eye on the discussion zanatas future? or this topic before contributing again

I opened this topic because the list to translate changed recently in Zanata (around middle march?), and I was concerned that only the French percentage changed

I’ll wait & see then :wink:


what is Phosh?

With DDG I find Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

I think not what you mean?

Funny that. Phosh (there is an extra h in there) is the interface/shell (PureOS) used in L5. See

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and here

but I don’t know that either link really explains what it is.

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you guys really need some search engine optimazion. DuckDuckGo barly finds your great project

When I search ‘phosh’ on DDG :
The 4th link is :
The 5th link is :
The “search engine optimazion” seems right to me…

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