Zanata translation server is down


Hi all, I was checking if there’s more stuff to translate before the L5 launches. It seems that Zanata is down showing error 500. Hopefully our work haven’t been lost.

By: Traditional Chinese and Esperanto translator.

Edit: From Zanata’s twitter activity, seems they have no problem. So this might just be a regional problem. Can anyone confirm or dis-confirm?
Edit 2: I’m wrong, Zanata still doesn’t work even if I’m connecting to it over Tor.


I had the same problem about 12h ago and it seems to be still down (trying from EU / Finnish).

This maybe temporary, but it might not be totally unexpected, as it’s already known Zanata has possible problems (of which Purism has been made aware of - Guido had a ticket opened, which may now need to be hastened… @david.boddie).

How to translate Librem 5 software?

Just an idea: Seems that Weblate is open and available for self host: how about Purism’s own translation server? Although, I’d like to have somewhere, that allows me to participate in other projects as well, it would give control over it. (edit: could be other service as well)


@JR-Fi Are you the Finnish translator? Do you happen to have a backup of the translated po file? The ones in phosh’s repo looks like ones from v0.0.1 and there’s quite some addition for v0.0.2


Nope, just another enthusiast. I did all my translation with the online tool, so no copies.


There is an issue on GitLab tracking the conversation to move to something else like Weblate either hosted by Weblate or self-hosted:


@xmrscott thanks for the info. Meanwhile Z is still down.
I’m curious if anyone has called Red Hat and asked if they forgot they had it and would they mind getting it up for one more day…


Zanata is up again. For now…
(edit: never mind, you saw it too)


Just looked at Zanata (or what was restored) and I’m working on my hazy memory here, but @marty1885 did Chatty lose all Chinese translations (maybe some other languages too)? Seems awfully specific…


I’m not sure, I never had a look over at Chatty’s page. But the restored version looks very very old.