Phosh / Phoc on Amber / Debian Buster / Armbian

I had an idea: I’d install Phosh/Phoc on the SBC of my son running Armbian (Debian Buster).

I’d thought it’d be nice to have him accustomed to the look and feel for the moment he’ll ask for a smartphone.

I got this far: Repos, installed phosh and phoc.

Then got stuck: No idea what has to be started when. On my pinephone gdm3 is running, a wayland, phoc and phosh.

I looked for documentation how theses play together, but didn’t get far. Anybody can point me into the right direction?

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If you are using GDM or LightDM, then there is an option to select the desktop environment from the login screen. If you just want to try it out, press CTL+ALT+F1 to open a terminal and then enter:/usr/bin/phosh

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