Phosh to Gnome on the L5

Gnome is already a pretty mobile friendly desktop and a lot of work seems to be going into making it even more friendly on mobile. Has Purism hinted at trying to move to default Gnome on the librem5 eventually? Maybe a feature of Gnome 4 will be that it can work well on both desktop and mobile.

I think it would be the community’s and Purism’s best interest to try and upstream mobile friendliness to stock Gnome shell, but haven’t heard of an effort from Purism or weather they would even be interested in that. My guess is that would be a ton of work and is way in the backlog of tasks they want to accomplish.

There is an experimental convergence concept:


Gnome and Mobile! Now it makes the old Disney movie Gnome-Mobile with Walter Brennan more relevant. (You won’t find the lyrics to the song anywhere, Disney owns them.)


When we considered the GNOME shell, it turned out that its resource usage is not mobile friendly at all. The way we could use the default GNOME shell by default is if Phosh becomes the default in GNOME.


Wow, you whipped that out from some dark place. :joy: