Phosh version 0.11

I am using Byzantium and got the update to Phosh 0.11.

The changelog can be found here:

My favorite new feature is the battery indicator in the status bar, no longer have to press it to see the percentage. It looks as follows:

You enable it in the settings under “Power”, see the button furthest down in the following screenshot

Another nice new small quality-of-life improvement is the ability to long-press the wi-fi button in the statusbar dropdown to get to the settings menu for wi-fi.


I would like battery indicator on the lock screen. Don’t suppose that changed too?


Unfortunately not, it looks the same there as on older versions.

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I am really disappointed with version 0.20 of Phosh by including the notification bar on the lock screen, Also Phosh is adopting Android paradigms and abstractions every time. :cold_sweat:
It’s terrible where Posh UI is going… IMHO

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Can you explain why and what your concerns are?


Maybe that unauthorized people can see your notifications.