Photo Management

Looking for opinions on photo management apps for L14. I know it comes with a photos app, and still exploring that, but I keep hearing about G Thumb and DigiKam. I don’t need anything special or powerful, just to organize photos in folders, sort by date, etc. Ability to do basic editing. Slide show or video options to show them are nice too. Thoughts?

You can try gwenview
it has some basic editing like resizing, croping, rotating, mirror duplication
it has a slide show mode, with an adjustable timer between each pictures
Now the organization side, I don’t use this kind of options so I can’t really tell, you’ll have to try

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These links should help:


The file system and Gimp?

Ha ha. Yes. At the very basic level that does the trick.

But then … sort by date may be more difficult if “date” means the date that the photo was taken. (You may also need the capability to “fix the date” e.g. date was wrong on digital camera. You can do that with exiv2.) The OP didn’t clearly specify whether command line interface was acceptable (for some tasks) or it had to be GUI all the way.

And then … slide show probably isn’t available with just “file system and GIMP”.

Some new users could find GIMP a bit overwhelming. You can do so much in the way of the image side of photo management.

Search is also your friend:
Newbie question: photo and backup software

One issue not touched on is publication to the web. For some users this is an important requirement, for others not at all.