Newbie question: photo and backup software

I only recently discovered Purism and am considering buying a laptop as I’m very attracted to the philosophy. I have never used Linux. From what I’ve read I think I could transition except in one area. My hobby is photography and I use Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. They are my vacation photos. This isn’t how I make my living. My question is what might I use on a Purism laptop for my photos.

Also does the OS that ships with the laptop include backup software. I’m now on a Mac and use a program called Arq. It encrypts my files and sends them to the cloud. I’m using Wasabi.

If this is the wrong place to pose these questions I apologize.

Hi @newguy, this is definitely the right place for these questions!

While I do not have much experience with photography, I think the generally accepted alternatives to the likes of Photoshop include


There are also multiple solutions regarding backup software.
I occasionally use Deja Dup, though I honestly don’t really like it that much.
I have seen Timeshift in the past, though I haven’t used it.
Purism has partnered with Nextcloud, so I’d expect that there will eventually be a pretty good option for easily backing up to Nextcloud, but I also don’t have experience with this. Perhaps others in the forum can chime in.

Currently, I mostly use CrashPlan, except they have stopped offering backup services for individuals, so when my current subscription expires, it will be shifted over to Carbonite. I think I’ll switch to Nextcloud in the near future though.

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Lightroom alternative would be Darktable what i heard it quite good. Photoshop alternative is GIMP which has alot of futures but i personally still don’t have such a good workflow with it after 5 years from my mac to linux transition. For Bakcups i think there should be DejaDup as PureOS ships with gnome as default.

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Thanks for the helpful responses. Sounds like lots of options for getting things done. None of the laptops Apple now offers appeal to me.