Pi-Apps on Librem 5 with PureOS

Hi! Has anyone tried Pi-Apps on Librem 5?

As PureOS is similar to Raspberry OS and Ubuntu, I see no obvious reason why it would not work.
And then I would try to install for example Discord from pi-apps on Librem 5. Even if it is not responsive, one could at least use it on convergence mode.

Any experience or warnings why this could fail/why this would be a bad idea?

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I have not used it, but many of the apps seem to already be available in debian repositories. Those which don’t, I personally prefer to use flathub. I have not used Pi-Apps myself, but from a quick glance I wouldn’t use it since multiple packages seem a bit “hacky”. For example installing apps in non-standard folders, hardcoding the user “pi” and heavily patching applications. I think it’s a good idea that if you want any of the apps in pi-apps, just follow an recommended upstream installation method for that specific application instead when possible.


I want to try for example their Discord app. But maybe I can install it without using pi-apps.

Thank you for starting this thread, despite being somewhat involved in the app ecosystem, I did not know about Pi-Apps.

I’ve installed it, and the launcher starts, even fits the screen - but it seems blurry, so it’s likely using Xwayland. I’ve been curious about the Discord client (since “how to run discord” is such a frequent questiion), and it’s actually Webcord, so all the risks of running a third-party client (e.g. being banned) are there, it does not work well on mobile - imho you’re better off with just running the web client in Firefox (then you don’t have to suffer the current of running Electron on Wayland/Phosh, which is generally not a desirable experience) or one of the alternative clients.