PIA - Decommissioning of Legacy Network

PIA is shutting down their legacy vpn network, which is what Librem Tunnel is based on. https://www.privateinternetaccess.com/helpdesk/news/posts/decommissioning-of-legacy-network

How do we switch to their new vpn network?

We are working on this. And soon will have more information on how to do a migration

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I’m not sure if this has to do with their “decommissioning” actions, but I have been having issues connecting and checked their list of networks to find an alternative server to the Librem.one default of us-california. Since us-east is closer, I switched to that and was able to log in.

As for connecting to their “more advanced and highly upgraded Gen4 Network(Next Generation Network)”, they have a 64-bit Linux client, but I doubt it’s open-source.

The downloads page also has “OpenVPN Configuration Files” toward the bottom of the page. I’m not an expert on these things but I couldn’t get it to work—I was getting authorization errors, so I figured our authorization information was not valid on the new network.

If you are using the command line tool for linux, it should now be fixed.

Just create a new tunnel connection for it. And it will already work with the new certs.

HI Joao,

Do you mean, if we use “liberty setup tunnel”? (using the instructions from link below)


Does that now work with the Next Generation PIA network?

[Edit: I’m still successfully using their legacy network, but it sounds like that has a limited lifespan]


Yes it does.

Yes, all this, you can run the liberty tool another time. It will just create a second VPN connection. That you will see in your device

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Re-ran “liberty setup tunnel”, and it is working great on the Next Gen network. Thanks!

We will apply fixes to the other clients as well