Pin not recognized via ipmi web interface

I recently plugged my librem server on my router (ipmi and Ethernet).
On remote boot through ipmi web interface, I can :

  • manage the pureboot, all options.
  • manage the libremkey with gpg on recovery shell.

BUT when the pin gets asked or the passphrase, it answers “wrong pin/passphrase”.

I have to use the same keyboard plugged directly on the server box to get the pin set through the web interface accepted. WHY ?

The keyboard type of the screen for the decryption of disk (pin or passphrase) changes : I need to type shift + number (on the horizontal line OR even on the number pad) both on my keyboard via web interface and via the virtual keyboard, contrary to what the virtual keyboard displays when I type !! Probably because the keyboard type of my pureos session is a french keyboard. I already had that problem some time ago even with the directly connected keyboard. So be careful if you use a different type of keyboard for your session.

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For the decrypt page should pureos use the connected keyboard instead of the default keyboard from settings ?