PinePhone ./. L5

Is there some ACTUAL page which compares the PinePhone and all its features to the Purism L5?


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there’s a reason why the forum has a search function. Using it would be the first step in the right direciton. :+1:

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Wow, I did not know that this forum had a search function. You cannot access it without javascript, and the button itself is invisible until you hover over it. Why is Discourse so anti-user?

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That’s unusual. The button is there all the time for me but changes its appearance slightly when I hover over it. It is always visible in some form.

I suppose the obvious question then would be: what web browser are you using? and are any of your browser settings relevant?

Why does Discourse function poorly with Javascript disabled? or Why does Discourse function poorly with web browser X? or something else?

Some answers might be:

  • it is not a design goal to work with Javascript disabled
  • it is not a design goal to work with web browser X
  • modest, little or no testing is done with Javascript disabled
  • modest, little or no testing is done with web browser X

but really you would have to ask in the Discourse forum. First you would want to search there to see whether anyone else has already asked the same question. :rofl:

I do share your frustration that many web sites are overengineered to the point of not actually working properly unless your environment matches closely the environment used by the site’s developers. Gotta love those plain-Jane 1990s web sites that, you know, actually worked. :slight_smile:


The search function is a lot harder to see in “dark mode” than using the default theme. It is dark gray on black.

For anyone who doesn’t know, you can change that by clicking on your picture in the upper right, clicking on your user name, then preferences, and then interface.


I am using the Tor browser with Security Level: Safest.

The default theme has the same issue.

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I just discovered more invisible buttons for posts, such as editing and deleting. I do not seem to be able to “like” posts though.

By accidentally deleting and then undeleting my own post, I earned a Discourse thing:

This is pretty ridiculous that they encourage using features that are literally invisible to users like me.

I just tested

  • Tor 10.0.16 (based on Firefox 78.10.0esr), and
  • Tor 10.5.6 (based on Firefox 78.14.0esr)

and the search icon was present normally. However that was with the default settings.

Once I set security level to “safest”, this web site malfunctioned badly. In fact, I couldn’t even log in. On “safer” or “standard” it seems to be OK.

I suppose for a company where Privacy and Security are central themes, the above behaviour is not ideal but Purism does not provide its own forum software (and I don’t suppose doing so is a priority) and I guess it comes down to what I said: “modest, little or no testing is done” with a configuration exactly matching yours.

It is possible that the killer problem is that you are disabling Javascript through your choice of safety level. This web site won’t be the only web site in the world that fails when Javascript is disabled.

Even though obviously there’s nothing I can do to solve your problem, I hope it at least helps to understand where it is coming from.

I use the built-in NoScript extension to set this site to temporarily trusted in order to login and post, but the search and other buttons remain invisible. So it is not a javascripts issue. With javascripts disabled, the site blocks access to features like search and login. WIth javascripts enabled and still using Security Level: Safest in the Tor browser, login and search features work, but the buttons themselves are invisible and other features are still blocked.

I wish this website could be more like and, which have no problems using features like search with javascripts disabled.

It does, and thank you for taking the time to check this out on your end and make such a good response. I think that there are probably many people like me browsing this site without javascripts, and I am just one of the few that have bothered to make an account and occationally post.

I wish the forum software could expose the underlying data through the simplest possible interface (which is not dependent on any fancy features), while still exposing it through the current interface (for those who want it).

Realistically, unless you take this up in the Discourse forum, nothing is going to change.

Actually, Discourse is free software, so it’s not exactly anti-user. It just does not support your use case. AFAIK, you are using Qubes OS, so why is switching off Javascript important to you at all?

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Why you highjacked my thread with this discussion? Please create your own one.