Pinetab 2 and PureOS

This probably belongs in a Librem 11 discussion, but, since we don’t have a forum specifically for Librem 11, I am posting here.

So I bought a Pinetab 2 this summer. I like it but there are definitely issues with it: the onboard wifi and bluetooth do not work, for example.
I use a wifi-dongle with it and it works fine.

It has other issues, but it is a pretty decent little tablet. It comes with a nice little keyboard. The touch display is pretty decent. Overall, I am mostly pleased with it.

I run Phosh on it and Phosh works quite well. It only acts as a desktop with Arch64 underneath the hood. I am not a big fan of Arch but I can get used-to it.

I have tried Mobian on it, booting from a SD card. It works well with Phosh - but still laggy. So, I wonder: has anybody tried running PureOS on the Pinetab 2? Or, does anybody even own a Pinetab or Pinetab 2? What are people’s thoughts? I think Phosh works very well.

I realize this is a more of a general discussion, but I wonder how the Pinetab 2 compares to the Librem 11. My guess is nobody has both, but I will say that the Pinetab hardware is not the best. Additionally, as I stated, there are software issues with the wifi and bluetooth that are still unresolved for the Pinetab 2.

Anybody running PureOs on a Pinetab 2? Anybody have one running phosh?

This is probably a better post for the Pine forums - but the forums over there are pretty dead.

So Pain64 forums is pretty dead??

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Pretty much.

They have never been as lively as this forum. Before my Pinephone died I got better community support for Pinephone/Mobian by talking to you all than anything at Pine64. :grimacing:


I have had the same thoughts. It is unfortunate because the Pintab2 is a pretty cool device.


Replying to my own post here. *Noted, nobody was very interested last time either.

I am letting the forums know that my Pinetab2 now has wifi without a dongle! The Pinetab2 is now a really cool tablet and I recommend it.

My only complaint now is that the screen does not register my pen very well when I draw on it. I have been using Xournal for note taking with a pen. I might adjust the setting a little to see if it helps.

Also cool: it runs different desktops well. I run Plasma when using the nice case and keyboard. When using it in “tablet mode”, I use Phosh. Works great with either desktop.

Very happy with it now. Cheers.


I have owned a PineTab with keyboard for a longer time. What makes it clearly hard to use is the not-actual screen resolution for me. I ended up installing Arch with Plasma and fount it pretty useless for all serious work.

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It is most useful for web browsing and video consumption. It is not a workhorse device, for sure. I like it for general tasks though. Recipes, videos, music, a note taking device. It is not a laptop, for sure.

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Explanation needed.

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Which part? How to get the wifi working or why I had to use a dongle in the first place?

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Also cool: I plugged in my USB headset to the Pinetab 2 last night and talked with my father for 30 minutes using Gnome-Calls and No echo with a headset and my dad said he could hear me very clearly with no issues. So, it does calls as well.

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Yes. that…

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The Pinetab2 did not have a working wifi driver for it’s internal modem until very recently. It was shipped in May 2023 without working wifi unless your were willing to utilize a wifi-dongle, via USB, to have wifi. I did this until very recently.

A smart developer was relatively recently able to get the wifi driver working. It is now in the Danctix testing repositories. I enabled the testing repositories in the Pinetab 2, updated with pacman, and then did:

sudo modeprobe bes2600

The modem and driver work quite well now. I hope that explains it.


It is explained. Thanks