Plan for new librem laptops?

Hello everyone!

I have finally a good opportunity to by a librem, my new company will allow me to have a laptop of my choice. I’d be happy to show everyone a purism laptop because purism isn’t known enough in my opinion.

I check the website several times a week and see a lot about the librem 5 but no love for the laptop. Is there anything plan for them? I have 2 points that worries me about the purism’s laptops :

  • CPU : the Intel 6500U (skylake) seems very capable but the fact that it is 3 years-old now bothers me a little bit, is there any plan to have newer one? I would be super excited with an AMD option too.

  • ethernet port : I have read about that on the forum but I have no idea what are the plans/opinions of purism. I have always turned of wifi as much as possible at home (also for some reason wifi are usually bad, even in office), so ethernet is a big thing to me. I am not sure of the cost (money, space, etc) of such a feature for a laptop but isn’t having a proper LAN controller faster and better than USB (will increase CPU usage right?)?

I hope my questions aren’t too silly. I would love to read news from the website from time to time about the sales of the laptop series and the plans for them.

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I saw an interview somewhere on Youtube where Todd Weaver mentioned something about not being able to use cutting-edge CPUs because of Intel’s ME, but it was planned to keep one or two generations behind current hardware. I’m not exactly in the position to link to the interview though, so I’ll leave it up to someone else to do that.

In what way are newer CPUs “better” than what Skylake offers?

Usually it is power related. They do the same workload as previous generations for less power. So longer battery life, less heat, etc.

In terms of actually performance it is far more incremental. I have no problems with the current skylake cpu for this reason.

1 Like at 41:45 they are talking about Laptop upgrades to new cpus. But there is no fixed date for the updates.

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I just ordered a Librem 15 and my thinking was the same. Then I realized that for what I do with a computer there is more than enough power, memory and storage space available. I’m much more concerned about privacy and hackers than anything else. Now, if I made my living as a videographer or something like that I could see a concern. For me, I ordered mine with the max ram and the fastest 512gb hard drive which is far more than I need at this point. There is room for me to expand my horizons so to speak. If I ever need to.

If I made my living doing something where i needed a lot of speed and memory and fancy graphics cards etc., etc. I’d use the Purism for any time I had to access the internet and go to System 76 for getting the work done.

But then, I wouldn’t feel I had the privacy and security if I connected to the internet.

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