Planes, Trains, and...Web Apps

I tested the following, and they work pretty well as Web Apps for researching schedules and presumably for buying tickets (I didn’t complete a purchase):

Deutsche Bahn
Southwest Airlines

I expect your own local metro, bus, or other transit websites will work well, too. You may have to drag the window around a bit to see everything if the site doesn’t scale to mobile size.

Let’s travel! (I wish.)


Dreaming of a future where web apps are the norm (or at least available for every site), thanks for checking these - the Amtrak one will be useful!

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And of course, there’s Firefox, too, if a certain site happens to scale better there.

… travelling is possible again.


So very true!

Interesting, did you try it with an android/ios user-agent or with the default one ?

In the times of browser diversity and css standards relying on user-agent for UI rendering is utter ignorance but… i know, it happens.

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Default. I haven’t changed the user agent.

Of course, there’s no reason a regular mobile website shouldn’t work for these things, but I think it’s useful to remind ourselves that there doesn’t always need to be “an app for that.” (#Powerofmaliciousmarketing!) :wink:

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What a nightmare would that be… Life in a browser… Hate that.

I’m dreaming of a future where web browsers and all the bloat and garbage they brought are extincted.

Who controls the browsers now? Google.

Yes. And what Google doesn’t build or subsidize, it co-opts through its ad services and “oh-so-helpful” analytics packages.

At the same time webapps solve a gap, and if I could do everything in a browser I would for the most part (fools hope based on more browser pushback against Google the more people get used to using a browser for their apps).

Agreed. At least in a browser you can use add-ons like NoScript and uBlock Origin to have some control over tracking/spying. Options are usually limited with dedicated apps.

I’m dreaming of a future where you own your device and your data.

So those who want web apps can do that and those who want apps can do that and those who want native applications can do that.

If closed source apps are the alternative to web apps, I am a bit unconvinced that you will get many privacy guarantees.


We must dream harder than the present. We are talking about a future. About a new thing to do it. I should start inventing it, hehe.