Planning transition to Librem 5, looking for Groupme like functionality

I ordered my Librem 5 last week and look forward to its arrival. I made a list of 32 apps I consider to be the most important and started researching solutions for equivalent functionality on the Librem and overall it is not as bleak as I thought. Only one app has no solution and probably never will. Three can be used over the web so I can create an icon to launch a browser with the site and saved credentials so close enough to having an app!

The one app I am not certain about a solution for is Groupme. I found a few apps that imply they might, but I can’t try it out until I have the phone in hand. The SMSs will still come through but without groupme it is a mess and I doubt the web interface will alert me to new messages. Can someone that has their phone fill me in on Groupme functionality on this platform?