Plasma Mobile on Librem 5

I tried installing Plasma Mobile with instructions on Install Plasma Mobile link. But it did not work.

Has anybody tried installing Plasma Mobile on Librem 5? Was the attempt successful?

Interesting. I didn’t even know those instructions existed. I was planning to try out Plasma Mobile by installing postmarketOS.

Why Installing instead Testing? :wink:

I guess that Plasma Mobile will in Gnu Crimson. :wink:


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The installation instruction at the Install Plasma Mobile are fine. I modified the deb Index of /debpm/ buster main to use bullseye.
The phone boots fine after the installation. But the Plasma Mobile GUI does not show up. The screen is blank. @dos, do you have any suggestions?

Try the instructions here to install Plasma Mobile: Librem 5 and KDE Plasma mobile - #30 by lgtmak