Plasma Mobile on Virtualbox

I just downloaded the iso of Plasma Mobile and installed it in Virtualbox. It looks very promissing and has some realy good aplications running like Marble.

When I get my just ordered librem5, I shurely give it a try.

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Plasma will be one of the DEs that will get official support on PureOS so no need to switch to Plasma Mobile, just install Plasma. :wink:


Unfortunately that image hasnt been updated for a long time. A lot of things have changed since its release, im not sure if its going to be ready for the librem release as they are still getting basic apps ready.

The lastest iso is: 2019-02-18 12:45 1.2G )


i like kde and plasma

KDE and Plasma are the same thing buddy, just different names for the same DE. (Well depends on the version because every KDE versions before 5 can’t be called “Plasma” as it’s the name of all KDE 5 versions)

I stand corrected. They hadn’t previously updated it in months.

It is not the same. Today KDE is the name of the comunity and Plasma the name of the desktop. You can read it on KDE pages.

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