Plasma Mobile: Reddit Ask-Me-Anything Feb 6

Those interested in Plasma Mobile on the Librem 5, maybe this Reddit AMA will also be interesting. As it’s Europe based, it’s noonish in NY and 9ish in LA.

Post any interesting outcome here :wink:


So, the AMA took place.
Most interesting findings for me were:

Current state, tasks, plans: Plasma Mobile Sprint 2019

A comprehensive list of existing Mobile GNU/Linux apps
(also includes a list of useful libraries like libhandy, kirigami)

Kirigami is the proposed solution to write apps for mobile and desktop use (like libhandy)
In combination with Qt for Python, a mobile+desktop app can be written with only Python + QML (QtQuick/Kirigami).

PostmarketOS seems to be the fourth (!) OS/Desktop which should be available to Librem 5 owners right from the start.
Well, possibly depends on how you count. To me it looks like

PostmarketOS could also possibly be the first with working Android support, as a dev put a lot of effort in Anbox.
They also recognize that “postmarket os” might not be the best of names when supporting the Librem 5 and PinePhone right from the start…

Plasma Mobile devs will soon also get dev kits for the PinePhone.

App permissions / sandboxing: some combination of AppArmor / SELinux, new kernel features and Flatpak might enable confinement of apps in the future.
Flatpak will potentially be the main means to install mobile apps on Plasma devices (just like on PureOS).


Thanks for taking the time to curate this for the forums!


Oh, by the way: