Plastic screen for Librem 5?

I’ve been thinking about the screen in my phone - and the fact that it’s made of glass. Glass makes the screen:

  • heavier;
  • easier to break.

I see no benefit to having a glass screen vs a plastic screen (I’m not saying there aren’t any, though). Are there any specifics on what Librem 5’s screen will be made of?

Glass IMHO just feels nicer to use, and is not discolored or smudged/scratched as easily. (assumed we are talking about Gorilla glass or some other tempered glass derivative.) I also don’t think building a phone to compensate for improper care and use of it is necessary. Make it robust to a certain point for sure, but this isn’t supposed to be a Toughbook phone, right?

As such I’d prefer glass, but I’m open to whatever the engineers find to be the best for the LIbrem 5’s purposes.