Plausible deniability on Librem 5


I know I’m a bit late for giving new idea but it just came to me yesterday and I find it pretty useful, hence the sharing. Plus it seems to me that it is software design so it can still be done after the phone is released.

Could it be possible to setup 2 different passwords for unlocking the phone :

  • the “main” password would unlock the phone entirely, like any other smartphone
  • the “plausible deniability” password would unlock the phone but with no access on any personal data (SMS, images, browser history, …). Sure it may seem odd to someone forcing you to unlock it but since it’s a phone maid for “paranoids”, it is not entirely impossible that the user would decide to wipe all its data from time to time.

My idea of it would be that only the contact list would be visible (with maybe the possibility to exclude some contacts from the “public” list) and everything else would remain invisible when unlocked with the 2nd password.

Sure it wouldn’t be of much use but it could still be really convenient if the occasion occurs.


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A similar question is: can the Full Disk Encryption do plausible deniability? That doesn’t give an identical result to what you are asking for.

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Is there a wish-list of any sort for this kind of requests since the purism team doesn’t seem to watch the forums too closely (or at least aren’t really prone to answering it) ?

Having ideas is nice but if they ain’t aware of it, it’s a bit useless…

Yes. (and you’d probably be using the Veracrypt option, though I have never really looked into FDE software)


Plausible Deniability can be achieved with “Aura of Innocence” and “Shift Blame” which are two first level Hackmaster spells. What you really need is “Undetectable Lie”, which is the reverse of the 4th Level Cleric spell, “Detect Lie”. I won’t mention material components of these spells.


Hackmaster! It’s been a long time since I’ve seen that :slightly_smiling_face:. I used to read a lot of Knights of the Dinner Table.