Play DRM content in browser

I was trying to use Audible from Firefox or Gnome Web and both fail because they can’t play DRM content.

What is the solution?

Also I noticed firefox really freaks out sometimes. Can’t click on add-on like bitwarden as it just flickers. The menu also flickers and goes away. Anything I can do?


For the menu flickering - When using the Librem 5 in “phone mode” (not docked) I make sure the keyboard is down before I open the menu. If the keyboard is open, the menu flickers.

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Cool good to know. One issue down. :smile:

A CSS-fix is the better solution and solves every menu flickering. Also scroll down - later posts give more improvements.

The keyboard has nothing to do with flickering … at least nothing directly. It decreases the Firefox window size and menus start to flicker when they cannot render inside of Firefox windows. Minimizing keyboard just give some additional space that reduce the chance to flicker, but it fix nothing.


We’re going to need a Widevine DRM plugin for Firefox that works on the Librem 5.
See also existing thread:

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