Playing with Phosh source code

I would like to start tinkering with the Phosh source code for learning and for fun (maybe I could get to a place where I could contribute). Is there some way to get a general idea of where to find certain things in the source? For example, I would like to change something simple, like the default icon size of the app drawer. I looked in ./phosh/src/ui/app-grid.ui, and it looks like it would be the right place for the icon size, but I don’t see it in there.

Any pointers would be appreciated.

I’d start from here and follow the clues.

Ahh nice, I just realized that you are the one I was answering in the recent reddit post. :smiley: Good luck with that one!
Maybe some of the devs could tell us here wether they would like to allow little phosh customization in the future and/or where they would add that in the UI (Gnome settings, separate phosh settings?) And this one’s a bit provocative: Seeing the latest changes in upstream Gnome concerning improving the app drawer, etc., do you maybe think phosh will be deprecated some time in the future?

edit: Was talking about this:

Wow, Gnome 40 looks really nice for a phone. My only concern there is resource usage. I would expect it to be pretty heavy for something like the Librem 5.