Please add 4K / UHD 60hz output aka DisplayPort to the next Librem version


I m thinking about a new laptop to replace my old ThinkPad T420 (FHD IPS i7 SSD), which still runs fine but is a bit old.

I would chose a Librem 15 for screen size. Unfortunately it supports over HDMI only 4K @ 30hz, which is because of the Intel CPU i7-7500u (see here: Intel ARK. But this CPU would support 4K @ 60HZ via DisplayPort. Why did Purism not chose to use DisplayPort instead? DisplayPort is even license free compared to HDMI. I find myself now in the dilemma to invest 1700+ $ in my main computer which should last me at least 4+ years but does not support 4K @ 60hz on an external monitor which I would like to use for programming. I would very much like to not give Lenovo or HP my money.