Please explain Librem Bluetooth dongle driver

I just took delivery of my Librem 13 v3 and discovered no Bluetooth support. I understand the hardware is present, but there is no PureOS driver. I installed a Bluetooth USB adapter and connected a Bluetooth Mouse.

  1. What driver am I using? Is it liberated or proprietary?
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Hello @purism121,

PureOS does not ship with proprietary drivers out of the box. If you did not install any addtional driver, you should have only free ones.

The Librem laptops sport a bluetooth card but it is not (yet) supported by free drivers :slight_smile:

Seriously? You cannot use Bluetooth with FLOSS drivers currently? Did this change with v4, probably?

Seriously. You are able to of course download the proprietary ones and Bluetooth works just fine then. However, given that Bluetooth is a pretty insecure form of wireless transmission, all things considered, I would think that its omission wouldn’t be such a serious thing.

Another interesting tidbit: writing device drivers is not easy, and finding someone who will do it and adhere to FOSS standards probably isn’t making it any easier. Also the manufacturers of said hardware have to be ok with it as well.

Well… I use other devices with Linux (without any proprietary drivers for that), where Bluetooth works fine, so I am a little surprised by that.
What is actually the chip we are talking about? Maybe one can find some information about it…