Please recommend a USB NIC (ethernet dongle)

Since the Librem 15 doesn’t have built-in Ethernet I’ll need a USB network adapter. But which one?

Please recommend a reliable USB3 network adapter. This for connection to a Gigabit network. Speed of the network interface is important, but reliability even more so.



I was going to say that you can also get an ethernet-to-fiber dongle since Librem has a Mini-TOSLINK connector, but I guess that was an upgrade option, and for home theater audio out.

We will offer one in our store soon.


If you want to get it independently, it’s a bit difficult to tell, short of going to a “brick and mortar” store and buying only branded things, because items on the web, especially on eBay, are so frequently counterfeit… Amazon is a bit better in that respect because at least there’s some sort of reputation/comment system, although even that can be gamed by some sellers. Maybe you could search there for “USB3 gigabit”, filter by 4 stars and above, then look at brands that you recognize and that are not “Lucky Gold Winner Best 888” :slight_smile: and filter “Linux” in the items’ comments/questions, for compatibility.

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Given that I use the ethernet port on my current laptop quite often, I’ve been looking for a decent USB-C dongle for my soon to arrive Librem 15. Are there any supported/open source/trustworthy adapters that are recommended?

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all usb3 gigabit nics ive tried have worked well in qubes and various linux distros. Im using a linksys “usb3gig” which even worked well for a few months in my router. but make and model recommendations dont mean much because vendors sometimes change the chip inside without changing the model name.

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