Please recommend non-spyware small but good quality speakers that I can simply connect to my Librem Mini's audio port

Appreciate it a lot :slight_smile:

By the way, Bluetooth is obviously a no-go (closed-source).

Defer the problem to the monitor and output audio over HDMI (or DisplayPort, if applicable)? Has advantages and disadvantages. Obviously a non-starter if you are using the Mini without a monitor.

Random question: Do any monitors support Bluetooth for audio output? If so, Bluetooth speakers could be an option without compromising your blobness.

I don’t know if you can still buy it, but there was a successful kickstarter for the Tubecore Duo which used a Raspberry Pi controller, and supported Bluetooth and WiFi, but it didn’t include a microphone.

Also see this article about how to make any Linux PC (including a Raspberry Pi) into Bluetooth speakers for your phone.

There are adapters that convert analog audio to bluetooth. They were created to allow old tape or mp3 players to transmit to bluetooth headphones. They usually run on an internal rechargable battery.

I’m using speakers made by a company named Nubert. They offer an usb connection which shows up as an additional sound card. They do not offer nor need any type of internet connection or usage of spyware voice commands, cloud music or such thing. Just input per spdif (optical or wired), cinch and per usb.

It may be implicit in your post but you would ideally be stating that it works out-of-the-box and driverless with Linux (PureOS?) i.e. is recognised adequately as the right class of USB device and “just works”.

Route the audio through your Librem 5 phone because Bluetooth is a “go” on the phone?

Yes. *

*) The usb sound shows up as two sound devices: analog and digital. I’m using the digital device. In a day or more usage (with pauses, suspends of the L13/L14) the sound becomes noisy/distorted. This can be healed by switching once to the analog device and back to the digital.

Didn’t debug this nor tried other computers/systems. It didn’t bother me enough to look into it.

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