Plex Media Server on Librem Mini?

I was curious if anyone has installed Plex Media Server on Librem hardware, thinking in particular of the Mini. I have a 3-yr old Nvidia Shield and have been thinking about migrating to something non-Android TV-based.

Thank you!

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no reason it shouldn’t run without issue. I’m partial to Emby however :wink:

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i’ve not done so on mine but i have played AV (mp4 and mkv - even some remuxes) with the standard Totem Movie Player (Videos) that is available out-of-the-box on PureOS Amber (stable) and it was a pleasant experience. i can’t wait to test it in the Testing branch once i figure some things out …

the fan kicks in during playback (you can hear it clearly if you are on medium volume level with a pair of IEMS)

the CPU rarely peaks over 40% @ 1080p on standard 60 fps monitor (mine is 1920x1200)

the enclosure is warm when i touch the exterior of the chasis. and my main internal S-ATA m2 SSD drive (WD RED NAS 500GB) is displayed under GNOME-Disks as no more than 58 degree CELSIUS (it starts of at 30 something and goes up to 58). i haven’t seen it go past that so i assume that is ALSO the temperature of the AIR INSIDE the CHASSIS.

@ idle it is humming gently (but barely audible with not IEMS on and no other ambient sounds present) > 90% to FULL PASSIVE as sound pressure level goes

there is much to report ON and i don’t know if or when i’ll be able to do that < other priorities ATM.

hope that helps ! BUY IT IMMEDIATELY !!! it is worth it if you don’t have high 4k UHD expectations (a uhd 630 iGPU is recommended for that - this is only 620 but it does the job WELL)

the only difference between the UHD 620 and 630 is a slightly higher clock for the latter, there is zero difference in video playback capabilities

on that note i haven’t yet gotten to the point of a 4k uhd AV content playback … i might do that at some point though … i’ve seen that the uhd 630 is present on MOST commercial grade BLURAY 4k players out-there so that’s why i assumed it’d be a better solution …

I can’t see any commercial bluray player using an Intel-based SoC, there’s just no reason for it. ARM-based SoCs are cheaper and more capable for video playback. And those are all Linux-based anyway, and Inte’s Linux support for things like HDR is terrible still.

this is where i got the info from when i searched DuckDuckGo > < look under minimum-system-requirements

when you said commercial bluray player, I understood that to mean a set top box, not a Bluray reader for a PC. The requirements for the latter are likely driven by MS/Windows/Intel driver limitations and DRM, not the decoding capability of the GPU. They have no relation to playback of 4K/HEVC video under Linux.

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If Emby can display landscape pictures oriented correctly, then I’d entertain defecting :slight_smile: Plex won’t for some reason unless I do some conversion, which is just annoying.

I’ve honestly never tried, I use it for TV and Movies and that’s it. It’s just a back-end for Kodi.