PLS8 Baseband Model

Which exact model of the PLS8 baseband is being used? My current carrier is verizon and I don’t think any of the other forum posts asking about this have been answered. From what I gather by looking at the data sheet certain models of the PLS8 support Verizon and others don’t but the exact model in use is not listed in the backer email that was sent out earlier today.

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Hi Scoopta,

The following link is the documentation for PLS8 from GEMALTO.
You can find some interesting information.

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Yeah, as I said in my original post, I’ve already looked at the data sheet and it seems like certain models, notably PLS8-V and PLS8-X support verizon while the others don’t which brings me back to the question I asked in my original post, which exact model?

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Only US and E versions support voice. You can’t use others variant for a phone…

You actually could with VoLTE but that’s besides the point. I think verizon’s primary LTE bands are 4 and 13 and 13 is not supported by the US version. The spec sheet also doesn’t seem terribly clear on CDMA support. It mentions it at one point but not in the actual list of features. I guess I’d really just like an official response from purism regarding which specific carriers the phone will work with and won’t.

Use this website to know which frequencies a mobile carrier uses in which country and this datasheet to know witch frequencies the modem supports (E or US version only).

I’ve been linked to this data sheet twice, and I read through it before even posting my question. The frequency check website is cool though. From what I can gather it seems like some of the VZW LTE bands are supported but not all of them and then not CDMA. So I guess I just have to hope that the phone has VoLTE support and that it’ll work with 2 of the 3 LTE bands.

@Scoopta Only the PLS8-X & PLS8-V will work with Verizon & I’m 100% sure on that. I’m not sure if there is a variant being sold with that model.

Unfortunately I don’t think they’ll be using the X or V model in which case I might end up being forced to use the phone over wifi and use my Nexus 5X as a hotspot when I’m on the go which is super inconvenient.

To be fair if they really have built it the way they say in theory you could swap out the cell module for a PLS8-V PCI model

That’s true, maybe that’s what I’ll end up doing depending on if it’s possible or not. That would be way more convenient than hotspotting though.