Plugged in Overnight?

Has anyone had the Librem 5 on and plugged in overnight? It seems to me that a while back, people were saying that you shouldn’t leave the phone unattended while charging, because of the heat. It was going to be fixed with software updates, I believe. In my experience, the phone does get warm, but once the battery reaches 100% charge and is just sitting there, it’s fairly cool. Normally, I turn the phone off at night, but if it’s going to stay cool, I may just keep in plugged in.


I left the L5 plugged in for several days (only for short test: not enough time yet). No problem so fare.

The L5 gets warm - hot only when the battery really needs charging, but when the battery is full and charging stops only slightly above room temperature.


I have left it charging overnight. It does a good job of stopping the charge when it gets hot. But like you mentioned it feels fairly cool temp once it reaches a full charge


It does both i.e. stops charging if/when it gets over temperature and also stops charging when the battery is full. If the former then I don’t think I would want to have the phone charging in the bedroom overnight because the flashing red LED could be disturbing to sleep.


I have been just letting my L5 sleep while charging and have had zero problems. (typed from a Librem 5)


I had to use the Librem 5 as a WiFi hotspot for a couple of days so I left it non-stop “charging”.
The phone gets warm until the battery reaches 100% and then it cools down.
My interpretation is that the passthrough power supply is working and this is great.