Png screenshot files can't be uploaded to the forum

I did a screenshot with the app Screen Shot but the resulting file xxx.png can’t be uploaded, why?

I can upload png files. Example:


If you try another png file, created in some other way, does that work?

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Or load it into GIMP and export it to something else?


I always copy any image into LibreOffice Writer, then copy from there to the forum. That process also usually converts .jpg to .png as well. (Or so I think…?)

(I initially started using Writer so that I could compress images slightly, but then stopped compressing my images at some point.)

When I need to alter an image, I open it up in GIMP first, make the alterations, then export to .png. Never had a problem uploading these.

I fetched the files by SCP from the L5 to my laptop and from there they can be uploaded fine, see The app Satellite
This must be some bug in the web browser of the L5 (from where the upload failed).