Pocketable or not?

Anyone have an idea if the phone that we get will be pocketable or not. Will you actually be able to carry it around like a phone or is it going to be more like an unwieldy brick?

will the L5 fit in the pocket or not ? it probably will if it’s a decent size pocket but i wouldn’t keep it near my jewels with the radio turned on.

it’s probably best to find a nice military MOLLE pouch and holster it somewhere farther from the “essentials”. these pouches come in various sizes and i think they could fit a bumper (later down the road) also.

When I read that title I just had to think of another important question: Will it blend?



So something like this might not be unreasonable?

Well that would certainly stand out :slightly_smiling_face:. It would be a great conversation starter.

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It could also double as a weapon

Here i did some size comparisons some time ago. Scroll down for an updated picture as the first one is faulty.

Thickness is expected to be 13-15mm if i remember correctly.

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It will definitely be thinner than that. Nicole asked:

So how thick a device would be acceptable for you? 10mm? 11? 12? 15? 20?

And that brick is not 20mm, me thinks :slight_smile:

I think there are sufficient other conversation starters about this thing. The kill switches, the UI, the screensize… I doesn’t have to be a brick for this :wink:

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And there was a mastodon toot about it where they said it they plan for around 14mm. See here

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so if this was the upper limit on size I would be okay with it.


14 mm (over half an inch for those in the non-metric hinterland known as the united states) would be far thicker than the typical new phone.

Which is fine, as they keep trying to make them thinner and thinner, and many complain they’d rather have a bigger battery even if it makes the phone fatter. In the present case, of course, there are other additional reasons for the thickness.

Can’t wait! I just hope there’s a case for it soon as I have my Inspector Clouseau moments.


I would be happier with something closer to 10mm but I will take what I can get.

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I have large pockets. I used to use the Openmoko and that one is pretty thick but it was ample thin enough for me.
The Openmoko was really nice except when the battery goes completely empty it cannot recharge anymore.


I loved my openmoko. I agree that it was small enough for me. Though it was mostly plastic and I expect this device to be much heavier.

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Yeah, let’s go retro!



That thing is so big you could put a SBC in there side ways… WHY HAS NO ONE THOUGHT OF THIS! The battery life and cell reception could be amazing :heart_eyes:


@smd0665 Definitely want one of those phones! That would be sooo sick, like going back in time!

back to the future !

Remember they said the batteries would be user replaceable?

It looks like four Triple-A’s would quite nicely.