Size comparison to other phones

18/9 is aprox 2

16/9 is aprox 1,77

21/9 is aprox 2,33 ( this is ideal if you don’t want to have any black bars on cropped 16/9 content - especially good for mkv bd remuxes not youtube content )

What is your point here? Yeah 21/9 is pretty close to what is used by most cinema films.

But what good is this? Should phones be designed to fit cinema content well?

I see the advantage of longer displays as phones are used mostly in portrait and it allows for better handling as width is the more limiting factor for one handed use. An second to fit in a pocket to have it easily carried around. If these to are compromised one could use a tablet or pc. Putting video content as an argument for the screen size when we are already in a good spot between 16:9 and 21:9 seams a bit carried away form the real purpose of this device. A smartphone.

But thinking about phones, like ordinary land line phones, 60/9 seams a reasonable formfactor :smile:

Should add one of these and a nokia 3310 to the comparison:

just that 2 is closer to 2,33 than 1,77 hehe. so that means that the librem5 will play cinema films better for whoever plays cinema films on the smartPHONE. :wink:

on the other hand a business/work oriented smartphone display that is closer to that of an ISO A4 (29,7/21 in cm) paper aspect ratio (aprox - 1,41) would be more usefull to me personally …

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You might want to check that math…


(i.e. the square root of two)

What are you doing on the phone itself that needs this aspect ratio?

For business / work, it could be that what matters is how good the support for an external display is.

Ultimately what could matter is whether the GUI model supports dynamically adapting to the dimensions of the display or failing that whether the GUI apps have been customised to work well with the specific dimensions of the internal display.

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@jon.armani, I wanted to point that out some days ago but realized that he probably meant to say “2 is closer to 2.33 than 1.77 is to 2.33”, which is mathematically correct. But the discussion is still pointless :wink:

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The phone is due to SHIP tomorrow. You would think that the information on phone size could have been released by Purism by now! When will they make this public? Is there some security issue at this somewhat late hour?
Communication from the company is frustratingly poor.


Whoever gets their phone first can measure it and post the information here for you?

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“Communication from the company is frustratingly poor.”
I would unfortunately have to tend to agree. No information on batch sizes, no information on who will be in what batch (even tenatively), no confirmation on shipping status, etc etc etc.
I understand they are probably very busy but it only takes a few minutes to write a post or email to update the thousands of people who have invested into a product that they would love to see come to the light of day. I’m on the fence if I will get another Purism device but I can definitely say when PinePhone and PineTab releases i will be one of their first customers


Hopefully the dimensions will release soon. I contacted WaterField Design about cases. They informed me it is a major undertaking to resize a case, but they can see if any of their existing cases will fit the Librem 5, given the dimensions.


Will you cancel your purchase if it 1 or 2 millilitres taller than expected?
What’s the point?
Regular delivery of mass-produced smartphone will not start before April 2020.
Before this date they are only preorders from not finalized spec, to support the development.


The new Iphone sleeve they made would be perfect for the phone if it fits. I love Waterfield. I have bags from them there are well over 10 years old, and they look just like they did when I first got them. Great bags, cases, and wallets. (I love the Finn)

Perhaps someone could get a protective case for the phone to market a bit faster?

With only 3 measurements of this type?
It’s very unlikely.
Especially since the design is not finalized, particularly in terms of switches cap and position.

WTF !? This phone is going to be powered by an 18650 cell ?? Whaaaat the … are 18650 cells made for cell phones?

I would like to have the size of iPhone 5s/SE, with all front screen, which will be around 4,5". Good pocketable size for a phone, with all heavy stuff possible when connected to external monitor/mouse/keyboard. Don’t need to be super slim, good battery is a must.

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The 18650 cell was only for the Dev Kit. 18650 cells are cylindrical and waste too much space to be used in cell phones. Nicole Faerber told us that that preliminary dimensions in the Librem 5 is 15mm thick, so an 18650 cell won’t fit in the Librem 5. Looking at the photos of the circuit board, it looks like the Librem 5 will have a square 3500 mAh lithium polymer battery:


Ohhh ok I was gonna say how cool! I cant just get a set of 18650s and a small tool kit and swamp batteries out like nothing . I saw one of the latest graphical representations of the L5 and it looked fat enough to house an 18650 .

So old stock BB10 Passport batteries? That phone would last a good while!

In otherthread it became clear that 18650 was too big and Purism would have to go with this idea… :wink:

(And here is another comparison to other phones too via search Phone Case for Librem 5! Who could make a great case?)