Podcast interview with Guido, the main Phosh developer

#41 INTERVIEW: Guido Günther (of Phosh, Librem 5 Fame)

June 23, 2024

Guido is the main Phosh developer. He tells us how getting involved with Purism was just a happy coincidence, how he went straight from the N900 to the L5 and a lot more in this exciting interview!


This was a joy to listen to :slight_smile:

They mention that you can donate to Phosh at the project’s Liberapay page, it’s this page:


I,m super tired of hearing Linux here and Linux there, i,m even unsensitive for. I mean, why mention the same thing when we all already know whats going on??? of course i not going donate. IMHO.

I working for supporting: 0xd05

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