Poll : what about Gnome Web support of 3rd party services (Secret, Browserpass)?


I have mis-expressed the message in my 1st poll, also I have added Browserpass as requested by @guru.

  • The current password service (gnome-keyring only) is fine as it is
  • Support of Secret password manager via a service (for auto-fill)
  • Support of Browserpass extension

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old poll - closed

  • The current password system is fine as it is
  • It would be very interesting to integrate Secret with Gnome Web to manage passwords

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Disclaimer : this thread is not a troll or anything like that, I think those apps are really good and I just would like ideas of improvement in terms of user exeprience.

Hello, as I said in another thread, we have 2 very good tools in Gnome / PureOS :

  • Gnome Web (Epiphany) : for my personal use, it almost has the potential to replace Firefox
  • Secrets (ex-“Password Safe” password manager) : I find it very good, it does (almost) everything that KeepassXC offers (.kdbx file extension support, ID, passwords, notes, etc.) with the convenient adaptive window in addition

The problem is the process to enter ID & password fields in a daily experience (in my opinion) because they don’t work together. There was an attempt to propose this feature but it seems to be abandoned as of today.

Here is more or less the process based on what I remember from the Purism video (please correct me if I am wrong) :

1. open Gnome Web and go the a sign in webpage
2. Open Secrets and enter main password (and/or keyfile)
3. search for the desired web page
4. select the ID 
5. long press
6. copy the ID
7. swipe from bottom screen
8. select Gnome Web
9. go to ID field
10. long press
11. paste the ID
12. swipe from bottom screen
13. select Secrets
14. select the password
15. long press
16. copy the password
17. swipe from bottom screen
18. select Gnome Web
19. go to the password field
20. long press
21. paste the password

This is for one webpage.

So I propose this poll to know what is your opinion. As I said, please no troll, both Gnome and Secrets teams are doing a really good job, and if we can show convincing statistics (well, I don’t expect many participants but you never know), we could show that there is a clear demand for this.

Thank you very much for participating or just reading !!!

I can’t vote :). I do not use “current password system” and I’m not a big fan of integrating one particular application with another particular appplication.

I would rather have a password provider service (over dbus or some such) and a general API for password retrieval, which any application could use, and for which the user had a choice of various backends (a.k.a password managers).

One can dream…


You are right : I have edited my post because my idea was not well translated into english : I was also talking about service, and actually this was linked in my first post, but not well expressed, sorry !

So please feel free to d-bus vote ^^

Can you please add to the poll a 3rd option: https://github.com/browserpass/browserpass-extension


I have added your request and now the poll allows to enter multiple inputs before submitting vote