Poor Support - Librem 13 AC fix under Warranty


I’ve sent a Librem 13 back to be fixed under the warranty due to the AC port failing. Unfortunately I haven’t received any updates about the issue even though the laptop has been with Purism for over a week now and I was told it would only take a few days for the team to fix.

I’m moving house/country in under a week and I’ve been warned by Purism that I will be liable to pay import taxes if I have the return shipped to another country. I’ve sent two emails to the support address to ask for an update on this but I have received no reply. This is really beginning to worry me now.

Can I get some reassurance that Purism will pay any taxes, duties and charges for the return of the item if I have to have it shipped to another country?

I think you don’t need to pay taxes for that you are not buying it again, maybe just some fee, that’s depends on your new country customs.

I hope they answer soon to you.

Just thought I’d update the thread to mention that Purism support got in touch with me and have said they will be shipping a replacement today.



I’m glad Purism resolved the issue. My new Librem 13 is due to arrive today. I ordered it over two weeks ago and heard nothing from Purism until is shipped, which was 4 days ago. I think communication is something Purism needs to work on. I understand they are a small company and going through the growing pains of doing something revolutionary. Strange how privacy is revolutionary in this day and age…

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