Possibility: flash pureos/custom kernel to coreboot payload?

I know you might not want to flash the kernel of pureos (or your operating system) on bios, because it might be upgraded too often to be flashed as a bios image.

However, it could be done. It could boot just as pureboot/heads. It might not be as secure, but it should be enough.

Besides, we can bypass seabios, mbr&bootloader by doing that. Bootloader takes up more than half of boot time on my device. Pureboot is designed for security and does not boot fast enough, and it does not have a timeout option (because you might always need to confirm whether your are safe or not :slight_smile:)

I am considering it, but I does not dare to. I would have to flash stock bios image through programmer if I failed. I have never touched one of those before.

I still dont know how to pass parameters to payload. Maybe I can learn it from pureboot.

So, besides how to flash bios rom through programmer, what else should I know before I start to do it ?