Possible compromise help

Hi guys,

I hope you are doing good. I just performed a basic update with a few software programs and once they installed I got this message. “The following files failed verification process./grub/grub.cfg this could indicate a compromise. Would you like to update your checksums?”

Is it necessary to checksums? Or should I ignore this message because my computer has been with me and I don’t think it’s compromised.

Looking forward to hearing from you


If you did a software update, it is very likely that the update is responsible for the changed files, so it should be fine to update the checksums. You are unlikely to have been compromised.

Where did this message come from? From TPM? Is your clock on the device showing the correct time?

Did you use the recommended update strategy, i.e., reboot, check that everything is well, install updates, reboot again?

Check Section “Update Software With Packagekit”
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Thanks a lot Taylor, I checks the sums and all is ok with it.

Thanks a lot Taylor, I checks the sums and all is ok with it

Just came after I restarted. Thanks about the clock…that might’ve caused issue.