Possible to update pureboot with the ROM Switch on write protected?

Hey guys,

I put the ROM switch on write protected after receiving my L14.
At least I think I did. Since it is very tiny and difficult to move, I cannot be a 100% sure but I cannot push it upwards further (I hope that is the direction for write protect :D).

Anyway, I did my second update of the libremboot firmware since I got the L14 and they both worked.
Shouldn’t that be impossible when the ROM is in write-protect mode?

I probably did not understand an important aspect or did something wrong.
However, maybe someone would be so nice to answer my genereal question whether an update is possible on write-protect.

I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t believe the switch is operational yet

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well what happens when you flip the switch back?

I think I’ve read somewhere here in the forum that the Switch works as expected but the address range protected by the Switch is not yet defined within the firmware so it’s protecting nothing at the moment.

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I recall a video saying something similar, that the hardware has been modified to said degree but the firmware was remaining to be completed. (specifically relating to this protection feature)

@nicole.faerber said that those switches require some software work to be done in order to make them work.
the problem is, it’s not disconnection of write pin from flash.
bios require write access to chip, in order to save: boot configuration, gpg keys, otp counter, and other stuff.
so chip have to be writable, anyway.
to make those switches working, they have to implement write-protection of firmware region in chip.
that is work in progress.