Power adapter?

What is the power adapter like? If I’m in Timbuktu and it breaks or I lose it, will I be able to cobble together some way to power the machine, or will I have to wait until I can have another one shipped from the US?

The Librem13 uses a barrel connector for DC in. The labels on the included power brick say 19V 2.1A, center positive.

There are a variety of barrel sizes out there. The brick that shipped with my Librem13 is 5.5 mm O.D. I’m less sure of the I.D. I measured it at about 2.4 mm.
The supplies like this I that see listed at DigiKey come in 2.1 mm and 2.5 mm I.D., so its official I.D. is probably 2.5 mm.

It’s a pretty common barrel connector but smaller than the older Thinkpad power adapter. I have an “iGo green” travel power adapter that comes with a number of different plug sizes and I was able to find one that fit and power my Librem 13 just fine.