Power cable stopped working

My power cable suddenly seems to have stopped working. Not sure if the problem is with the power cable itself, or possibly the internal power port on the laptop. Neither have any visible damage and I’ve treated all the hardware kindly, and it’s been less than a year.

Has anyone had a similar problem? (If this is a physical problem with the cord or jack, that’s the least sturdy hardware I’ve ever had.)

Apparently to replace this part it costs $59? That’s super expensive. Especially if the cable only lasts less than a year of normal use. And not even sure whether that order includes the full cable setup from laptop to wall, or just the portion from laptop to the AC adapter.


I picked up a LVSUN Universal Laptop Charger on Amazon that works great. $33. It comes with a dozen tips for different laptops, one of which works great for the Librem.

Do you still have power to the machine from the battery, mine (L15v3) came to a complete stop after about 4 months but it was an internal failure and they had to replace the machine.

@sptankard When I was using a 2008 MacBook Pro, I had to buy an AC adapter and it was $79 from Apple. It lasted maybe 7 or 8 years and when I had to buy another one, I bought a cheaper non-Apple one. Coincidentally, I was talking to Apple support about something else and they said they were fine with 3rd-party stuff on everything but the AC adapter. They said 3rd-party ones didn’t meet their specs and they had seen laptops fried by crappy ones. So I tossed out the cheaper one and bought another $79 Apple one.

So my Librem 15v3 (bought March 2018) suddenly powered off on 2019-01-16. I checked the AC adapter and it was putting out the correct 19 VDC. @Mladen had me hit the reset button on the bottom (no joy) and then open the case, disconnect the battery, then plug in the AC adapter (no joy again). So I FedEx’ed it back and they received it 2 days ago. We’re waiting on the techs to see what fried. The Librem 15 is better than Apple’s stuff in one way: you can actually run the laptop with the battery disconnected. You can’t do that with Apple laptops (at least the one I have).

My old MacBook Pro had similar symptoms and what got fried was the little daughterboard that held the power input plug. I noticed a similar daughterboard on the Librem 15v3, so maybe it’s the same thing. I have surge suppressors, so I don’t think it was a voltage spike.