Power cycle signaling

When Librem 13 Version 2 laptop is running on battery alone, the middle light at the top of the keyboard turns white. What are the expected colours of that light while battery is charging through the power adapter?

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Mine is amber while charging and white when charged.

Mine is off when the laptop is running on battery alone…

Mine too. And as far as I remember it blinks amber when battery charge is critical (and maybe also when it’s low, I’m not sure).

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You’re right, the middle light (labeled as plug/battery) is indeed off when running on battery alone; it is the right-hand light (labeled as sun/moon) which turns white instead. Sorry about the confusion with my initial description.


When running on battery alone, the middle light (plug/battery) stays off until it blinks amber upon reaching low or perhaps critical charge levels.

When the power adapter is plugged in, the middle light (plug/battery) turns amber while charging, and finally white upon reaching full charge level.