Power Savings On Librem 14 via kill switches

Do we know if the mic / webcam, and bluetooth / wifi radios being off will see us getting any appreciable power savings?

On the Librem 13 I have wifi always on, same with the webcam and mic. Thinking about how that is going to mean 2 other leds are going to be on for me all the time, I’m thought about turning them off normally, and just using a tethered ethernet connection.

That got me to thinking about power savings of having them off.

Of course I would prefer it if the leds only came on when the mic and radios are disabled.

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I would say that the power saving / cost from the LED itself would not be appreciable.

Power saving / cost from the WiFi/BT would probably be measurable but maybe not appreciable. You can look up the datasheet (or measure it yourself on the Librem 13 as I believe it is the same module).

i guess it depends on the WiFi/BT module the OP has planned to throw in there … more speedy uses more power.

by the way. fun fact. RED, GREEN and BLUE LEDs don’t have exactly the same power draw. even though it might be negligible some draw more some draw less. i can’t remember exactly what it was but i believe that the Red was more power efficient. or was it the BLUE ?

If power is negligable, just add them to your Christmas light display! (Indoors preferred.)