Power Supply faulty / USB3 doesn’t work

Been having problems with the power on my Librem. When left plugged in, but off, the following strange behaviour occurs:

Mouse remains on and powered up.

Battery, power and cable connection lights flash. Unit is not receiving power from the cable. If I power up, it runs in battery mode and does not charge, although sometimes I can get it to start charging again by powering down.

I’m really afraid that one of these times it will simply drain the battery completely and never charge again.

In possibly related news, the USB ports on the right side of the unit have never worked. Diagnostic software shows they are present, but voltage is zero. Plugging in a thumb drive or mouse has no effect.

I have not tested with a USB 3 device as I don’t have any. I thought USB 3 was supposed to automatically downgrade when necessary anyway.

My USB 3 doesn’t work either. No Power at all. I hope somebody can help.

Opened a ticket, and it has been sent prepaid to California for repair…

Warranty, dontchaknow…

I have this same problem…
Seems like low power to my usb3 port.
USB2 and USB-C work as advertised.
USB3 mounts an SSD, but with HDD I hear the disk spin but won’t mount.

I always thought I was going crazy but the right side USB port on mine usually doesn’t work, but sometimes does. Didn’t think of the power issue. L13v3 here. I pretty much never use that port anymore and Im far out of warranty. Hopefully my L14 doesn’t have this issue :slight_smile:

Measure with something like: https://www.amazon.com/s?k=usb+3.0+power+meter