Pre-order sales - How to make a safe exchange?

When people buy / sell pre-orders (I’m thinking about Librem 5’s here specifically), how do they make sure the seller gets their money and the buyer gets their pre-order transferred correctly?
Without anyone getting conned?
Is it just down to trust or has someone found a safe way to transfer - some site that does escrow?
I’d be grateful for any advice . . .


For example, I would never trust a seller offering a L5 for USD 800 for which he/she paid only USD 599. This does not let me think in a deal, but in robbery.

I pre ordered a phone in April 2020 and I’ve a history of emails on canceling. It’s 3 mos shy of a year and I have neither received the telephone nor have I been credited for the purchase. I’ve been patient but now I am feeling ripped off.

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Please feel free to contact if you feel that your purchase is not going right.

On the same note, let’s keep this thread on the topic of the original poster - safe exchange.


This mostly.

The only saving grace is that you are selling something that Purism controls and will not be physically transferred at the time of sale … so a safer protocol would be:

  • seller asks Purism for the pre-order to be transferred to buyer
  • buyer can see that that has happened
  • buyer makes transfer of money

So that puts the risk on the seller but if the money transfer doesn’t happen, there is still an opportunity to dispute the pre-order transfer with Purism. Would Purism want to be involved in that? Probably not.

In terms of an escrow service,
a) I doubt that for this amount of money (not trivial but not large) it would be worthwhile, and
b) buyer and seller may not be in the same country, which adds complexity to any legal arrangements.

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Hi, i just buy one pre-order and indeed it’s just base on trust.
Just ask to see the pre-ordee, maybe check with purism that’s a legit one and go. If it’s a scam, it’s a very long one and I don’t think that people interested in a free phone have no principe.
But shit could still append.

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